How to Apply with Match Staffing


Match Staffing accepts walk-in applications Monday thru Thursday from 9 am to 11 am.  During those times, no appointment is needed.  Please plan to spend up to a couple hours we us to complete an initial evaluation, application, skill testing, and personal interview.

If you are unable to be at our office during the times above, please call 334-270-0100 ext 0 to make an appointment.

Please come dressed appropriately for a job interrview and come by yourself. Please do not bring your children.  If you come with others, we may ask you to return on another day when you are able to come alone.

If you want to complete our application prior to coming to our office, please do so.  This will save you a few minutes.

IMPORTANT:  Except for certain professional positions, we cannot place you until you have come into our office and completed our additional paperwork and had an interview.  Merely completing an application on our website does not qualify you to work for Match.  Again, you must come to our office prior to us attempting to place you on a job.